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1605 Shadow Ln, Sparks, NV 89434, USA

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 1605 Shadow Ln, Sparks, NV 89434, USA
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Danny Candella
5 Star
This is a shout out to Kelly Smith of WebSmith Group. I want to thank this man for coming alongside me to create a top notch website that will be used to document my travels across America- by horse. I hold his work in high esteem and am grateful to him for taking on my project. I thought that I could put together something reasonable and when I was done it looked like a bedroom wall of a child who got into some sharpies while their mom was out. I was desperate and that's where Kelly came in and said, take a deep breath. I've got you covered. Not long after that, things started to fall into place and I felt like I had a winning site that would generate a lot of attention and possibilities. Knowing that Kelly was at the helm with years of experience reduced my anxiety by a hundred fold. Way back, when the new frontier was being settled, one of the first places you would pass was a blacksmith shop. It was dirty, hot work to forge tools, equipment and weapons of iron. They aided the westward expansion of immigrants coming from near and far to strike gold and build a foundation of commerce that would grow this great country. It was by the sweat of the brows and strong muscles of these craftsmen that created this foundation. On top of that I'm sure it was the warmest place in town during the winter months. During modern times you don't see much of these blacksmith shops. What you do see is a WebSmith, who deals in links and letters. It might not be as glamorous as swinging an anvil but a good web design is just as important for the growth of this country as a horseshoe. When I was looking for someone who could create this site I didn't have to look any further than Kelly Smith and his company. He has been around for decades. When I saw some of the websites he created I was blown away. I could now relax and know I was in good hands. Thanks Kelly for coming through for me.
Monday 11th March 2024
Guy Nesom
5 Star
For an electronic journal (Phytoneuron) that publishes studies in plant biology (and with 10 years of publications), I needed to replace the original website with a mobile-friendly one, keeping the compact organization of the original. Kelly did this quickly and without charging an arm and a leg, checking with me about various questions as the project proceeded. Then he also provided easy-to-follow instructions (they work great) on how to add new publications and otherwise keep the site updated. I recommend Kelly's group without hesitation to anyone needing website assistance! Guy Nesom, Philadelphia
Saturday 28th August 2021
David Cleasby
5 Star
An absolute delight of an experience with Kelly. I can't begin to describe the struggles I went through to find a web guy that I could comfortably communicate with that would actually give me an answer either right away or within a few hours. Time in business is a huge asset and Kelly helps you achieve results
Tuesday 17th May 2022
Michael Zeglarski
5 Star
Kelly was extremely responsive and helpful, and for a very fair price. I highly recommend these folks.
Thursday 2nd June 2022